Your Project / Our Process

We are a young, dynamic team at BCD Group and our staff are valued as an integral part of our business. Through strong leadership, training, mentoring and encouragement, the strategic aim is to drive performance and strive for continuing excellence. BCD Group is a focused work environment, which encourages individual ownership of projects, and a healthy work/life balance. Consequently BCD Group has an excellent record of staff retention and a team equally self-motivated to achieve exceptionally high standards.
BCD Group’s client relationship management begins with our policy to appoint a Director for each and every project to act as the primary client point of contact to ensure an efficient project delivery. While work is delegated to relevant staff within BCD Group, the Directors are always available throughout as and when circumstances require. BCD Group prides itself on repeat business and, through our approach to communication; we have ensured that our client relationships are enduring.

One of our key differences is that we can readily tailor our services to client requirements. At BCD Group we know that one size does not fit all so we adapt and tailor our project management framework to suit each client. Our flexible structure, unencumbered by a complex management hierarchy means we can readily adapt our services in this way. This includes everything from the structure of our fee proposals and scopes of work, to the structures and content of our reports, to how and when a job is invoiced. We truly believe that customer satisfaction is paramount on each and every job.

BCD Group’s ability to continually achieve the best outcome is exhibited through our philosophy to always use learnt knowledge from previous experience, jobs and activities to collaboratively work towards the best possible outcome for the client while providing added benefit, be it time, cost or both. BCD Group’s philosophy is to embrace efficiencies and project tracking capabilities.

BCD Group’s local knowledge and awareness is inherent. Geographically, we are located at the very heart of the Waikato area and have formed strong relationships with local developers, contractors, Councils and businesses.

BCD Group’s Health and Safety philosophy is formalised through its overarching company Health and Safety Policy which it actively adheres to and a dedicated and qualified Human Resources and Health and Safety Administrator who manages and continuously evolves our Health and Safety policies and procedures. We can confirm that, since the company’s inception in 2010, there has not been a single accident or prosecution relating to the BCD Group work environment or its staff members. This perfect record is something BCD Group is proud of and actively seeks to maintain.

BCD Group’s approach to quality is a vital requirement to our success. Having the right systems and processes in place from the start has been integral to BCD Group’s ability to grow so rapidly. BCD Group is an active member of ACENZ which establishes and continually encourages best practice. Monthly management meetings, fortnightly division meetings and weekly staff meeting take place to ensure our staff are up to speed with all best practise, ideas and knowledge. No project will leave our office without having been through a through quality assurance review and check by senior team members before being approved for release by a director.

BCD Group prides itself on constantly achieving a high level of quality performance across the entire business. As a new consultancy this is particularly important as we look to strengthen our already solid reputation. As a medium sized consultancy, it is easier to maintain and enforce quality standards and monitor performance. BCD Group undertakes regular staff and client feedback surveys to ensure continuous improvement in everything we do.